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Video Advertising

Consumers are watching less and less TV every single day and ingesting more video content on YouTube and other video platforms. With online video ads being a relatively untapped medium, now is the best time to get a foothold (with low competition and low overall cost). In addition, video ads are more engaging and sell products and services better than any other form of advertising.



Display Advertising

Tried and true display ads are still the fastest way to attract an internet user to your brand. We can rollout display advertising across millions of websites, apps, and of course… the top social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.




In the TV world, repetition is key. With current re-marketing technology, we can apply this all-important piece of the puzzle online. Whenever a user visits your website, responds to an ad, or even watches your video, we can keep showing a variety of different ad types to them until they finally buy. This is how your brand stays fresh in the consumer’s mind and how you use the internet to become a household name.


Over 18 Years of Experience

Owner and core of the agency, Mark Hartenau, has been creating broadcast-quality advertising going back at least 18 years. He got his start in advertising in 2001 when he began working for an ad agency in San Diego, CA for whom he was responsible for filming and editing all the television commercials for their clients. He later began freelancing for multiple agencies as well as working for clients directly.

In 2008, Mark’s focus moved away from television and he began to focus on the internet (following demand). He found himself heavily involved in website design, SEO, video-SEO, search ad campaigns, display ad campaigns, and video ad campaigns.

Eventually, Mark launched his own digital advertising agency that bridges the best of both worlds: bringing the power of the TV commercial to the internet.

Other members of the team include an array of contracted writers, actors, voice actors, production crew, and more.


  • Mark Hartenau
  • Owner